Incomplete Fortran to C/C++ converter

This script transforms old Fortran 77 code to C/C++. Put your Fortran 77 code in the text field below and press the convert button. In case you are familiar with C/C++ you will reckonize that the program doesn't convert with full C compatibility. You won't be able to compile the generated code.
Why do you need such a converter?
There are two more or less complete converters known, f2c and fable . If you observe the output of these programs you will reckognize that they transform your old code to match full compatibility with the fortran rules but neglecting readability. This is the point were this script could help you. The script contain some more intelligent substitution algorithms that will help you transforming your source code manually by doing all the nasty stuff.
  • Insert Indention
  • Remove of first column
  • Convert Comments
  • Convert Gotos
  • Remove blanks
  • Move Format lines to read and write functions
  • Convert if and do
  • Remove unnecessary gotos
  • Add Semicolons at end of line
  • Convert array brackets
  • Transform common blocks to global structs
  • Parse Parameters and convert
  • Substitute obvious tokens

Put you Fortran 77 code here: