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HTML 5 version

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It was in the year 1992 when I saw pictures of the upcoming game Comanche from Novalogic. The graphics were awesome and in my opinion 5 years ahead of its time. During that time 3D Graphic accelerators were unknown or unaffordable. Comanche uses a technique called voxel space similar to raycasting. To display the landscape a 1024*1024 one byte height map and a 1024*1024 color map is used which you can download on this site. The algorithm draws vertical lines by shooting a ray from the camera into the map. The following figure demonstrate this technique.

The algorithm is briefly described as follows.
There are of course a lot of tricks to get higher performance not mentioned here.


I extracted all maps. They have a size of 1024*1024 to fit into 2MB. One byte for the height and one byte for the color.

Java version

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